At Translation Source, we work with our clients to define key translation quality assurance metrics in order to ensure that quality is defined and measurable throughout the life of any project.

All our client solutions are performed using human translation and include a built-in quality process that features linguistic screening methodologies, control mechanisms for key terminology, project and client specific technologies, project milestones and dates, key metrics, review protocol,  and enhancement process.

Linguistic screening methodologies

Proper human translation starts with an effective selection process. Translation Source works with thousands of professional industry-specific translators from across the globe and within local communities across the United States.

Each language professional has been categorized by language, skill set, subject matter expertise, and internal Translation Source quality assurance metrics.

Translation Source will take the key business objectives as defined by our clients to recruit and establish a team of professional qualified linguists who are best capable of meeting the needs of any particular project.

Control mechanisms for key terminology

Translation Source will then work with our clients to establish key terminology between source and target languages for each particular project including client and industry specific terminology to ensure that key terms are translated and interpreted consistently with little to no variation ensuring the integrity of the source message.

Project and client specific technologies

Translation Source will work with each of our clients to integrate the technologies that best meet key client business objectives.

Technologies may include translation memory software, content management systems, interpreter scheduling systems, and a variety of reporting tools.

Project milestones and dates

Translation Source offers one of the industries quickest turn around by understanding key client business objectives and deadlines.

By understanding client deadlines and human translation constraints and by establishing milestones and delivery dates, Translation Source can ensure that all requirements are met.

Key metrics, review protocol, and enhancement process

Translation Source works with each of our clients to define the key translation quality assurance metrics that best measure the process and results of solutions implemented.

Key metrics include both leading and lagging indicators and are reviewed on a regular basis. Acceptable areas of human translation performance and translation quality are defined by metrics.

Root causes for each specific outlier are understood and solutions adjusted to continually enhance the effectiveness of any Translation Source solution.

Translation Source’s responsiveness to all variations is immediate. The Translation Source quality assurance process has allowed Translation Source to work with some of the world’s most successful companies by defining key business objectives, working with our clients to establish the solution that best meets those objective, and continually monitoring and adjusting the solution to best meet the needs of our clients.