Consecutive Interpetation

Translation Source on-site interpreting solutions allow healthcare, government, and corporate organizations to serve those populations that speak languages other than English (LEP – Limited English Proficient).

Our interpreting solutions improve accuracy in communication and therefore ensure better-quality services. At the same time, outsourcing relieves you of the administrative burden associated with identifying, scheduling, and retaining qualified linguists.

By seamlessly integrating with your established processes, Translation Source’s on-site interpreting solutions minimize your costs and allow you to achieve a greater return on investment.

Translation Source on-site interpreting solutions are an ideal solution for any situation where you need an interpreter at your side. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Translation Source on-site interpreting solutions can be arranged on a scheduled basis, even after-hours, and for emergency situations as well.

Translation Source is a painless, risk-free answer to your multilingual communication challenges.

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