Oil and Gas Translation Services

Today, oil and gas companies must implement translation projects with increasingly shorter lifecycles across every corner of the globe.

Clear and seamless technical oil and gas translation and localization in multiple languages is paramount to the success of these far-flung, rapidly deployed undertakings. Advanced technologies and complex processes call for sophisticated upstream translation and downstream translation projects and translation-management tools.

Translation Source is a leading provider of translation services for the energy industry.

With our headquarters in Houston, Texas, we are ideally situated to offer solutions tailored to our oil and gas translation clients’ specific business objectives, which accelerate development and create a greater return on investment.

We understand the complexities of the energy sector—from upstream oil and gas exploration to downstream retail operations—and we have the expertise and resources to deliver sophisticated, customized solutions for the industry. We offer our energy clients numerous advantages:

  • The most complete team of linguists in the energy industry, organized by subject-matter expertise and by target country. We have extensive experience with Petrobras translations, Pemex translations and translations for all major national oil and gas companies.
  • Our proven, industry-specific processes minimize execution risk and maximize value.
  • Industry-specific translation assets, including one of the most complete and reliable – upstream translation and downstream translation –  translation memories in the sector. These tools help us achieve ever-greater efficiencies, which are passed on to our customers in the form of savings.
  • Our creative, open, and consultative approach allows us to handle projects efficiently while creating value and meeting your business objectives.

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