Government Translation Solutions

Headquartered in Houston, Translation Source is ideally located and experienced to support federal government and Texas translation initiatives.

Numerous local, state, and federal entities have relied on Translation Source’s government translation practice for their multilingual communication needs.

Whether you are communicating with diverse demographic sectors to deliver services and implement policy, or addressing global initiatives with international partners, Translation Source has the experience across multiple industries, subject matters, and services needed to meet your government translation objectives, increase efficiency, and achieve a great return on investment.

  • Our government clients rely on us for a variety of comprehensive multilingual translation services in key subject matters. Our services that address specific needs, including Texas translation requirments, document translation, Web site localization, adaptation of initiatives to ethnic communities, and policy communication.
  • Whether you need to deliver services across large geographical regions or are faced with preparing for formal events and inter-governmental meetings, you can count on our proprietary interpreting solutions to provide both consecutive interpretation and simultaneous conference support.

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