Software and Video Game Localization

While all aspects of business are becoming increasingly globalized, none has been more affected than technology.

Outsourcing, off-shoring, and near-shoring are buzzwords that permeate this new economic environment. As the world increasingly adopts technology, this must continue to adapt to the needs of its far-flung consumers.

Translation Source is committed to providing comprehensive technology translation services.

From workflow, content management, text extraction, translation, and software localization, to editing, graphic design, desktop publishing, quality assurance, and testing, Translation Source offers solutions that meet the needs of the technology sector.

Software localization is the process of adapting products and services to the needs of users across the globe. Localizing software and video games involves more than simple translation—it’s a process that also requires specific engineering skills and know-how.

Text must be extracted out of thousands of lines of code, messages must be adapted to each local culture, and the whole product must then be reassembled and submitted to quality-assurance testing.

Our multilingual software localization and video game localization engineers complement our technology translation team. They bring specialized degrees and years of target-market experience to the table.

This ensures that the final product is culturally accurate, fully functional, and generates a far greater return on investment than the English-language original. In addition to software and video game localization, Translation Source translates all necessary documentation, including:

  • Installation and operation manuals
  • User and reference guides
  • Safety datasheets and technical specifications
  • Technical product brochures
  • Safety and quality-control documentation

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