Fluency, Inc. Partners with Translation Source, Ltd to Increase Language Access, Quality of Care and Patient Satisfaction in Texas Healthcare Market

April 2, 2009


Fluency, Inc., a leading provider of online language access management tools has partnered with Translation Source, a leading provider of multilingual solutions for business, government and non-profits, in order to increase language access, quality of care and patient satisfaction in the Texas Healthcare translation and interpretation market. The partnership was formed to capture the synergies between Fluency, Inc.’s online tools, the Internet Interpreter Scheduling System (I2S2™) and their quality control mechanism for healthcare Interpreters (Medical Interpreter Test on the Internet – MITI Test ™), with the executive experience of Translation Source in providing industry leading multilingual solutions to healthcare providers across the state of Texas. “Fluency, Inc. provides a unique set of tools for healthcare providers that increase quality of care and patient satisfaction by ensuring that a non-English speaking individual has the ability to clearly communicate with their provider,” stated Bill Glasser, President of Fluency, Inc. “Close to 30% of the Texas population speaks a language other than English and research clearly documents that billions of dollars are lost annually due to poor communication in Healthcare. The implementation of these unique tools will allow the Healthcare provider to recapture those lost dollars and put them back where they belong, in patient care,” said Camilo Munoz, Managing Director of Translation Source, Ltd. The Partnership represents the first of its kind for Fluency, Inc. as they begin to support the National demand for their products. Fluency, Inc. anticipates announcing similar partnerships across the United States within the next few months. “We are very excited about adding these tools to the solutions we offer our healthcare clients,” said Doug Green, Vice President of Business Development for Translation Source, Ltd. “The ability to allow our clients to capitalize on opportunities and improve efficiency is a key differentiator for Translation Source. Our clients know that they are implementing solutions and not simply buying a product or service. The partnership between Fluency and Translation Source is about enhancing those solutions.”

About the Medical Interpreter test on the Internet (MITI)

The Medical Interpreter Test on the Internet is the most widely utilized and validated Internet based quality control mechanism on the market today to ensure the competency of bilingual staff in performing medical interpreting services.

About the Internet Interpreter Scheduling System

The Internet Interpreter Scheduling System is the most robust interpreter scheduling system available today featuring communities of interpreters that create transparencies and achieve efficiencies through the scheduling process with the ability to virtually eliminate 3rd party providers.

About Translation Source, Ltd.

Translation Source provides industry-leading, customized, multilingual solutions for business, government and non-profits with extensive experience executing unique comprehensive solutions to healthcare enterprises.

About Fluency, Inc.

Fluency, Inc. is a pioneer in the field of Internet-based language management solutions for the healthcare interpreting industry. Fluency licenses Internet solutions for managing and dispatching face-to-face interpreting services and provides online medical interpreter testing.

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