5 Services a Language Solution Company should offer

October 23, 2015

d0e8f7d9318af4a44fa47444980908c5 An ideal translation company does more for your business than interpreting documents.

If growth of your enterprise requires expertise in other languages, choosing an interpretation solution should involve more than making sure a potential partner can translate word-for-word.

You should be certain that your translation company can address all your globalization needs. Here are five services that a language solution company should provide.

1. Comprehensive Language Coverage

While your clients, customer base and staff may only require translation services for one language at the moment, it is important to find a translation company with expertise in many different languages and cultures.

Globalization and the potential for business expansion may require you to expand your language services, and having a translation partner that can meet your demands gives you several advantages:

  • You do not need to invest time in the searches and trail periods for additional interpreters.
  • Business contract and other agreements are already in place with your current vendor.
  • Your current company is already familiar with your preferences and best practice guidelines.
  • New documentation interpretation is streamlined into one established process.

2. Broad Industry Experience

Interpretation needs can touch more than just your industry. You may work with a variety of other business types when dealing with suppliers, contractors, facilities and IT solutions.

Your translation company should have experience working across industries so that your web pages, systems and documents are professional no matter what the subject matter.

3. Cultural Expertise

Language service providers should have expertise in more than just the words associated with the language. The company you choose should offer expertise in the culture associated with the translated language.

Documentation interpretation should be performed with awareness of cultural nuances that come with different demographics.

4. Customized Solutions

One size does not fit all when it comes to language services. You know that your business has a unique set of needs when it comes to staffing, facilities and technical solutions.

Your language needs also require a customized plan that considers all areas that need interpretation, including:

  • Documentation
  • Client-facing web pages
  • Internal web portals
  • SAP services
  • Sales materials

5. Comprehensive Services

Interpreting documents and web pages are not the only important steps to take when addressing multilingual issues for your business.

When your enterprise has been affected by globalization, you need to find a language solution partner that can provide a variety of services beyond documents, such as:

  • Cultural support
  • Bilingual staffing
  • Technical conversions
  • Document management
  • e-Learning development
  • SAP localization

Even if your business does not currently require a comprehensive solution package, it is important to consider future growth and coverage.

Ensuring that your language solution company has the flexibility and resources to expand with your enterprise allows you to quickly access support when needed.

You will not have to conduct another search for business solutions if your current vendor can readily provide you with the support you require.

Finding the support and customization you need as well as comprehensive language, industry and cultural solutions necessary for globalization and expansion of your business is crucial when choosing a translation company.

Your employees and customers deserve accurate, professional documentation. Make sure your provider offers more than word-for-word translations.

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