Five strategies to attract Hispanic customers

December 10, 2015

DSC01007 Are you trying to reach the Hispanic community in your area? With globalization on the rise, finding a way to integrate your business into new markets can be a challenge but with the right frame of mind, anything is possible.

Prepare yourself to study new cultures and it might even be helpful to learn Spanish. Regardless, be open to tailoring your advertising and business practices to the demands and needs of this unique audience.

Consult and Don’t Assume

If your area has a lot of Puerto Rican people, you don’t want to throw a party for the World Cup.

Ask anyone from this Caribbean island and he or she will probably tell you that they’d rather watch a basketball game or see a Major League Baseball tournament.

There are 21 Spanish-speaking countries in the world and each nation has its own unique culture and traditions. As such, don’t assume you understand your audience until you’ve done the research.

Figure Out the Composition of Your Market

What is the exact composition of your market? Are there a lot of Mexicans or Colombians in your region? Are most local Hispanics from island or tropical countries?.

Once you know who is in your locale, you can do a much better job of catering your marketing to them.

For instance, many immigrants from countries with unstable governments will appreciate friendly service and smiling staff.

Stay Away From Flags

Even if you know the precise demographic statistics for Hispanic individuals in your town, stay away from any flags or political memorabilia. ou don’t want to run the risk of accidently offending a customer with the wrong statement.

For example, some political groups in Puerto Rico prefer a flag with a light blue background as opposed to the standard navy.

Using either option could prevent possible customers from doing business with your enterprise.

Understand the Hispanic Culture

colombia-pasion-logo[1]Some Spanish-speaking nations love soccer, while others prefer boxing. Many countries have stable governments with thriving economies as others are in the middle of wars and revolutions.

Music, art and even the meanings of words vary from nation to nation.

Thus, it is important to learn about Hispanic cultures as well as understand the minute differences in language.

A word that means goat in one country can easily be a tremendous insult in another nation.

Any Spanish translation from companies like Translation Source or other professionals should be accessible across borders.

Build Relationships

Many advertisers agree that Hispanic individuals value relationships and emotional bonds in their business transactions.

While other demographics simply want to get in and out, Latinos often want a more attentive customer service experience.

They want to make sure all of their questions and concerns are addressed entirely before they feel satisfied with the interaction.

Think quality over quantity. Hispanic individuals value respect and want to be engaged during their business transactions.

When marketing to Hispanic consumers, business owners need to take into account the differences in language and culture.

Catering to this demographic’s unique demands and challenges will make your business more successful. Remember, this community has rapid word of mouth and thinks a lot of reputation.

Therefore, make sure every customer service interaction you have is as positive as possible.

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