When Bilingual Staffing in Inhospitable Environments is Essential

July 2, 2015

In today’s global economy, the ability to communicate is fundamental, and as more firms expand globally, the capacity to converse in another language has become a vital asset in the workforce.

As the culture in America continues to grow more diverse, the need for bilingual staffing is rising.

Spanish is the principal language spoken at home by nearly 37 million people in America. This means that is a definite possibility that you will have a few clients who speak Spanish.

Speaking another language is now more than simply a resume builder. It’s a requirement for success in the workplace. Also, as businesses expand internationally, the ability to speak multiple languages will allow you to generate sales with new overseas clients.

The Importance of Being Bilingual in the Workplace

Technological developments, business travel, urbanization, tourism, and international trade all combine to create multicultural cities around the world, leading to increased demands for bilingualism in the workplace.

The distinction of bilingual speakers in the workplace has risen along with the amount of people who speak languages in addition to English. Companies can benefit extensively from supplementing their workforce with bilingual speakers because of the larger market of clients they can capture.

The bilingual qualifications for each position in your organization should be carefully analyzed. In particular, you should consider bilingual staffing for positions that deal with the general public, such as sales representatives and receptionists.

The New Landscape of Bilingualism

Bilinguals bring diverse and unique outlooks and perspectives to the workplace. They also offer a greater tolerance of co-workers, behaviors, and cultures and tend to have excellent communication, analytical, and multi-tasking skills. Emerging fields for which bilingual staffing is a requirement include:

  • 911 Operators
  • Healthcare workers
  • Government employees
  • Finance and banking specialists
  • Advertising representatives
  • Retail salespeople

Bilingual staffing allows you to communicate with a larger group of potential clients. A multicultural viewpoint afforded by bilingual employees will add exponential value to your organization. It is a good idea to look at the way that your company communicates. If necessary, professional translation services can make marketing materials, company newsletters or bulletins available to clients who speak different languages.

Bilingual Jobs on the Rise

Bilingual employees in the workplace can provide business owners with the opportunity to reach a more extensive customer base.

For instance, a company based in the United States may find it challenging to establish business connections with international customers because of the language difficulty, but bilingual speakers can close the gap.

The contributions brought by bilinguals the workplace results in a competitive advantage over their monolingual counterparts.

With the current rate of globalization, it is essential to have trained staff ready to work. Managers who are equipped with the understanding of a language besides English can manage their workforce better, particularly when cultural diversity is present.

Besides hiring employees who speak languages in addition to English, business owners should think having about encouraging their current employees to learn another language.

An employer can contribute toward the costs of training or provide bonuses or pay increases to those who elect to pursue learning another language. If costs prohibit the company from covering the education, other incentives could include recognition awards or time off and recognition awards.

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