March 9, 2012

Earlier this year, we sat down with Postle Industries to speak about its growing presence in the oil and gas sector and the development of its international footprint.

What does your company do?

We are the manufacturer of Duraband NC and Tuffband NC hardbanding wires that are applied to outside drill pipe in order protect against abrasion, extending the life of the pipe. Our Duraband NC hard banding wire offers the best wear protection on the market, yet it is casing friendly. We have a network of Certified Applicators that can apply our product worldwide.

What is your fastest growing international market?

Our success internationally is widely scattered. We now have a hard applicator on every continent. We offer the ultimate when it comes to customer care. In addition to our headquarters in Cleveland, OH, we have seven Technical Centers around the world. We respond & resolve hardbanding issues in quick fashion, ship product promptly and offer the ultimate in customer support.

What is your major challenge when doing business in non-English speaking countries?

There’s the obvious language barrier that can, in most cases, be overcome with some patience and concise literature. Having our literature done in multiple languages is very useful when conducting business abroad.

What is a little known fact about your Company?

Though fairly new to the oil & gas hardbanding market, Postle Industries has been providing similar wear protection products since the late sixties. These products, in addition to oil & gas drilling industry, our products are used in the recycling, agricultural, construction and mining industries.

How rewarding has been international business to your company?

Marketing our hardbanding wires abroad has opened up opportunities for us to educate those in the drilling industry on the value of hardbanding with our Duraband NC product and the benefit they can gain by protecting their assets. Duraband NC can extend the life of their drill pipe without damaging casing. In many parts of the world, this is a new concept.

Please elaborate on a time when your message was misunderstood abroad

Though we have provided a limited amount of our literature in a few languages for several years, it was within the last few years that we have decided to duplicate all of our literature in multiple languages. We do not always have the luxury of dealing with multilingual corporate people in major metropolitan areas. We are dealing with people in more remote areas where English is rarely spoken. Having all of our literature available in various languages is a necessity.

What advice would you give to companies who are planning to embark on a translation or localization project?

Use a reputable translation company, like Translation Source, that offers consistency in the translations. Once done, send translated materials to a valued customer or vendor for proofing before publishing or including on your website. Though translations may be literally accurate, sometimes there is a better translation for a particular industry term. This will save time and money in the long run.

If you would like additional information on this topic or have questions on planning and executing your next translation or multilingual initiative, contact us today for a free 30-minute consultation or call us at (800) 413-7838.

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