How to achieve effective Government communication

January 7, 2016

Fotos 2To assure effective Government communication, offices and agencies that work with the government on every level need to consider other demographic information when preparing forms, announcements, notices or any other documentation that should reach every citizen online.

The United States is a diverse country. Regional differences are not limited to traditions, industry, environment, population density or any other factor that makes an area unique based on its location.

Correctly interpreting these forms or types of documents into other languages accurately is crucial for an effective government communication.

No matter how many people an agency reaches, website documentation that represents a government entity must be thorough and accurate.

Each document must be translated into languages that reflect the globalization of the United States population, this is one of the main goals an effective Government communication has.

However, finding individual interpreters for each language in a region due to immigration patterns or traditions is not the ideal way to ensure effective communication.

Using one streamlined method for translations offers centralization, consistency and population coverage for government agency documents.

Centralizing Translation Services

Finding vendors and establishing contracts can be complicated and time consuming for any government entity.

Agencies can cut the amount of time the contract process requires and the turnaround times for translation by using one streamlined method instead of contracting translators as needed.

Effective Govenrment communication can be achieved using one centralized service. It can quickly and accurately translate an agency’s website forms and documents:

  • The government agency will already have contacts and contracts in place, cutting down the time it takes to begin translations on a new page, form or document or make a small set of updates to existing documentation.
  • The service will be familiar with the agency’s requirements and preferences, so there is no need to establish guidelines for several different interpreters.
  • The service will have the web pages and available documentation in one place, streamlining the update process.

A service that provides comprehensive language solutions can also provide a government office with support services such as multilingual training or bilingual staffing.

This provides an agency with support for its citizens from a service that is already contracted and trusted.

Consistency is key to effective Government communication

Government documentation must be consistent in format, voice and reading level. Interpreting a document or web page into several different languages using different interpreters poses the risk of inconsistent documentation.

Government agencies that use one method of translation ensure that their forms and documents are consistent across languages.

Using one proven interpretation method also allows government agencies to get the maximum use out of existing documentation.

Language Coverage

A language service company like Translation Source can ensure that all parts of a government website and public documentation are accessible in every language that citizens need.

The service can use the same efficient interpretation process for each new web page, form or document.

Each update or addition to an agency’s website and attached documentation will be translated into a set of languages already established with the service, so no part of the population is missing documentation or left waiting for updates.

Using a centralized language solution adds another level of certainty that each citizen can stay informed.

Website documentation that represents a government entity must be accessible to the entire population served.

Government agencies must react to the globalization of the United States population by finding the best method for reaching citizens.

Centralizing translations increases efficiency, creates consistency and ensures that each part of the population is served with the best documentation possible.

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