Inaugural Language Lunch (SM) is a BIG Success!

November 6, 2013

On October 24th, Maggiano’s Little Italy Restaurant on Post Oak Boulevard was the site of the inaugural Translation Solutions Language LunchSM. As advertised, this was not a ‘sales’ event – rather, it was an educational event, designed to help professionals who are tasked with creating eLearning, HSE, and other types of training programs for an overseas audience. The event was well-attended, with 12 organizations represented by one or more attendees.

Following the luncheon (which, incidentally, was delicious!), Camilo Muñoz and Jon Campbell presented a program entitled “Localization and Instructional Design: Tips to Improve Global Training Results“. They discussed some of the differences in country cultures, how the same message might be received differently in each of these countries, and the best means of presenting the message in each country for greatest acceptance and understandability. One of the major points was to involve your translation company early on in the process of developing your foreign program, so that localization can be built into the program from the beginning instead of being ‘jury-rigged’ into it at the end.

Each attendee completed a short survey at the end of the event. Asked to rate five aspects of the event as “Excellent”, “Good”, “Neutral”, “Poor”, or “Terrible”, the only “Neutral” checkmark was for Venue and Food – all the others (Relevance of topic, Usefulness of information, Exercise and discussion, and Size – i.e., # of participants were marked as either “”Good” or “Excellent”, with the majority being “Excellent”! They unanimously said that the Topic Level was “Just right”, and all but one person said they’d be “Very likely” to recommend a future Language LunchSM to a colleague. When asked about their most favorite part of the Language LunchSM, the most frequently-mentioned item was the discussion of the Hofstede Principles, and how their use could strengthen the development of their global training initiatives, with the opportunity for networking also mentioned often.

One guest summed it up this way: “Very interactive w/ group, great conversation. IT WAS GREAT!”

We’ll let you know when we schedule the next Language LunchSM, with regards to both date, topic, and location. If you’d like to be put on the mailing list for the occasion, please send a quick note to, and we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

Our thanks to all who carved time out of their workday to be with us. We told them that our goal was to have them walk out of the event saying, “Gee, I wish I’d known about this when we put together our last international project for X” – from all the comments, both verbal and written, we think we accomplished our goal!

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