Integrating Translation Into Your Marketing Approach

March 18, 2016

d0e8f7d9318af4a44fa47444980908c5To help your company make a seamless transition into a new economic culture, we offer document translation to English and several other languages without the risk of draining your financial resources.

If you want to understand how our services can be integrated effectively into your marketing strategy, the following guide highlights the primary benefits of working with Translation Source.

Ever since the birth of the internet, global marketing has become a fast-paced game of international investment and return. Business owners from every corner of the world have tried to expand their reach to a wider audience, but success depends largely on the adaptability of your initial plan.

 Develop the Image of Your Brand

Cross-cultural marketing takes targeted advertising to the next level, testing your ability to redirect according to the needs of the consumer. This means you must be willing to start from scratch if the original concept doesn’t translate properly to an international audience.

Major corporations such as General Motors and Coca Cola learned this lesson first-hand after experiencing the results of a disastrous foreign campaign.

Fortunately, document translation to English, Spanish or any language of your choice is provided by Translation Source to help you communicate the image of your brand.

Categories of focus range from government and healthcare to manufacturing and consumer goods, but all of our project managers are well-versed in workflow management and technical translation.

 Learn the True Value of Localization

In terms of flexibility, document translation to English allows for a more open form of interpretation due to the fluctuating standards of American society.

Launching a campaign in most countries, however, presents a deeper challenge –one that can only be resolved through the application of localization.

Since foreign economies are often steeped in history and tradition, there are several things you must consider beyond the basics of linguistics. This is where localization enters the picture.

By targeting the underlying values of a specific culture, you are able to express the true essence of your brand rather than translating a vague or insulting idea.

Our services begin with document translation to English, or any other language, and incorporate localization strategies as needed. Common areas of research include:


  • Reactions to trending topics
  • Possible connotations of a term
  • Acceptable formats and visual elements
  • Significance of potential color combinations
  • Recognizable graphics and designs
  • Emotional associations with a brand
  • Popular types of software and media


Take Advantage of Our Certified Translation Services

As the quest for global recognition continues to take businesses by storm, Translation Source maintains a steadfast commitment to authenticity while promoting the independent management of international campaigns.

We develop a comprehensive list of resources, giving you the power to tackle recurring projects independently and minimize the cost of future services.

Tools such as translation memory software, specialized glossaries and style guides are routinely tailored to fit the needs of each individual company.

Whether you are dealing with document translation to English or any other language, our representatives know how to eliminate the cost of ineffective language solutions for your company.

Contact Translation Source for a free consultation regarding your current global marketing initiative.


If you would like additional information on this topic or have questions on planning and executing your next translation or multilingual initiative, contact us today for a free 30-minute consultation or call us at (800) 413-7838.


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