Professional Japanese Translation can save your business.

April 8, 2016


photo-1420745628365-ba93c07cb5caIn today’s global economy, bilingualism makes an employee more valuable when doing business, but not everyone who speaks two languages can actually translate legal and contractual documents.

Translation Source uses subject matter experts to provide accurate translations of documents that are crucial in ensuring smooth business transactions.

Another very important aspect of conducting business and growing partnerships internationally is cultural understanding. Cultural differences can make business deals break down very quickly.

To avoid these issues, organizations should invest in Japanese translation and localization providers who are certified and understand the intricacies of how Japanese business culture operates.

Knowing Etiquette, Rules, and Regulations

Doing business in the United States is challenging due to a number of governmental regulatory hoops organizations need to jump through in order to start operating.

Branching out overseas adds additional layers of challenges because businesses at that stages are faced with navigating through foreign governments to set up shop and grow their market base.

Japanese translation services make sure organizations are equipped with the correct documentation in multiple languages to make this process smoother.

In addition to navigating through regulations, there are cultural rules that need to be followed.  Japan is a much more formal society that conforms to different etiquette and practices than United States.

In business meetings, formal procedures for gift giving and business card exchanges take place that are very different from how meetings are conducted in the United States.

Understanding Hierarchy

Japanese society places a great deal of significance on authority and respect, especially when it comes to age and status.  The culture in general is still very patriarchal, although women are increasingly making their place in the business world.

Japanese translation services help overcome barriers and ensure that relationships are not damaged due to ignorance of local etiquette and customs.

Having Patience

In the United States, it is possible to have items shipped overnight if necessary.  Business happens quickly, transactions are constant, and relationship building depends on how fast something can be done.

In Japan, this is not the case and a huge challenge for American companies is a lack of patience.

Not only do relationships need to be nurtured outside of business settings, but getting things done takes a lot of time.  For example, it can take up to three months to connect electricity at a construction site, and construction permits may not be granted for six months or longer.

Punctuality, however, is very important in Japanese culture.  Being late is a sign or disrespect, which is a much different attitude than in United States.  Japanese translation services make sure your contracts are ready and business is moving forward.

Understanding Body Language

The Japanese may imply and infer many ideas. The culture places a big importance on body language and non-verbal communication. Japanese translation services should have professionals who understand the nuances of the culture when translating.

Instead of struggling while doing business in an unfamiliar culture, protect your assets and move forward with finding the resources you need by having a professional team of translators on your side.

Do no leave anything open to chance when you start negotiations with a business in another country that is much different than yours.

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