Over the Phone Interpreting: Knowing When to Use

November 11, 2015

7ZALGLUAAWPeople conduct business in a variety of countries worldwide, but most of them cannot travel tremendous distances when they are in need of an interpreter.

However, there may be times when Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) is preferred over on-site interpretation because arranging an in-person meeting is just not always an option.

Fortunately, in those situations professional telephonic interpreters who are proficient in native-speaking mastery of both English and the target foreign language are standing by to assist.

Advantages of Over the Phone Interpreting

The languages spoken by interpreters vary between communities. For instance, it can be fairly easy finding a French or Spanish interpreter in Los Angeles, but it might be a little more challenging in a small rural town in Wyoming.

Even if you are not in a remote location, you may need access to an interpreter who is fluent in an uncommon language. However, that does not mean that someone needing translation services are out of luck in those areas.

It just calls for some creativity. While an interpreter can be flown in to assist, the phone is a much more practical and speedy alternative.

When you need an interpreter, globalization is the bridge that connects qualified, skilled and experienced interpreters within seconds with those who do not speak English.

A spectrum of available implementation and technology solutions ensures that over the phone interpreting services are accessible, straightforward, widely understood and available without interruption. Advantages to telephonic interpreting include:

  • Qualified interpreters available 24 hours a day, seven days a year, all year long
  • Rapid connection to an interpreter
  • Enhance enterprise-wide communications process
  • Traceable and documentable interpretation that does not require additional paperwork
  • Completely confidential and compliant with government-mandated privacy laws
  • Call monitoring for quality assurance

Our phone interpreters are available on demand for exactly when you need them, and provide over-the-phone interpretation in more than 100 languages and dialects.

 Industries Telephonic Interpretation Services

Over the Phone interpreters are trained to have industry-specific understanding and credentials to support and aid in the translation process.

In addition to courts, government agencies, legal offices, information technology, manufacturing, insurance companies and financial institutions, industries that telephonic interpreters serve include:

  • Hospitals, urgent care and medical clinics
  • Courts and law enforcement agencies
  • 911 service organizations
  • Nursing homes and continuing care retirement communities
  • Corrections facilities and law enforcement agencies
  • Corporations with international branches

Over the Phone Interpreters have the experience and context to quickly and accurately provide assistance and facilitate a seamless communication process. Additionally, privacy and confidentially are assured with HIPAA-compliant services.

Wide Range of Services

When you use a telephonic interpreter, you should anticipate receiving top-notch customer care, high-quality interpretations and real-time data reporting.

At Translation Source, we offer a full spectrum of language solutions to provide a unique opportunity for managing your entire language services plan.

While using over the phone interpreters is really useful, you should always try to arrange an on-site interpreter when possible. However, if an interpreter cannot be there in person, telephonic interpreting is the next best thing.

Language interpretation connects real people whose reputation and businesses depend on the accuracy of details, whether it is related to a legal case, medical condition or other important information.

Here at Translation Source, the impact that high-reaching communications have are taken very seriously.

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