Reaching the Spanish Market in Texas

March 4, 2016

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Although your business may not be required to offer material in Spanish, can your organization afford to miss out on the buying power and workforce of Hispanic employees?. It’s estimated that about one-third of Texas natives speak Spanish at home. State agencies are mandated to provide Spanish translation for Texas market.


In the Workforce

One of the fastest growing employment categories is Hispanics. According to the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, since 2000, the overall U.S. employment has only grown about 2 percent.

However, the Hispanic employment has grown about 16 percent. It’s not just day labors or field hands, as might be stereotyped in the news and movies. Because of educational achievements, Hispanics are making major advances in professional occupations and management positions.

By the year 2020, Hispanics are projected to make up about 20 percent of the U.S. labor force. The Spanish translation for Texas market is only going to grow over the next few decades.


The Buying Power of Hispanic Market

In 1990, Hispanics only held about 9 percent of the overall buying power in the United States. That figure is now more than 17 percent, and it is expected to rise as more Hispanic families have those higher paying professional jobs and attain more education.

It’s estimated that the Hispanic population is growing two times faster than the rest of the cultures in the United States. Although about two-thirds of the Hispanic population cites Mexico as their country of origin, Central America, Puerto Rico, and South America all contribute to the numbers.

With the embargo on Cuba lifted, it’s quite possible that immigrants from that country will have more opportunities to come to the U.S. to receive education or get experience in the workforce. The Spanish translation for Texas market keeps your business relevant in the changing business world.


Why Get a Certified Translator?

Conversationally, you may have employees who can speak other languages and communicate to your customers. Consider in the English language, the way you talk to a friend or colleague is often much different than the way you would speak to a doctor or lawyer.

This is true in any language. Legally and contractually, you don’t want any mistakes to be made between documents that are binding. A professional translator who is certified ensures that your contracts are acceptable and accurate to prevent legal proceedings that could prove costly and embarrassing.

A certified translator makes sure that your Spanish translation for Texas market meets the needs of your organization and will stand up under legal scrutiny.


Trust Our Experts With Business Documents

More companies than ever before are finding it easier to reach out to a global market. Finding the human resources to make things happen for your organization is going to require making sure that you have employment contracts and onboarding information for new hires in the language they understand.

Make sure your business has the certified translator for a Spanish translation for Texas market to keep up with the demands of your staff and customers to ensure profitability in the years to come.







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