A special event demands a Professional Translator

February 24, 2016

12036979_811856472247094_1493745775349989296_n On President’s Day around the country, many public officials gave speeches not only to Americans who speak fluent English, but also immigrants who may be just learning to speak in the mother tongue of the United States. One way to make sure everyone hears the message you want them to is to hire a professional translator for your special event.

Translation Is More Than Words  

When you speak, whether it’s in a crowd or to one individual, you probably aren’t even aware of how much of your message is conveyed by body language.

Giving a message in another language is more than just the words of what you’re saying. The cultural nuances of your message need to be considered just as much as the language you use.

Many English phrases are not translatable by words into another culture. Take some of the political idioms that even native-speakers have problems completely understanding:

  • Presumptive nominee
  • Overshadows them all
  • Hot air
  • Toes the party line
  • To vote with your feet
  • Press the flesh
  • Body politic

A professional translator takes difficult concepts and conveys the right message in another language.

The Quality of Translation Makes a Difference

Making a speech on a public holiday offers more marketing potential, but it’s vital that your message come across positively and not embarrass your business.

Getting the best result means that your organization needs a professional translator who understands the language and the culture.

Just as you invest time and resources into your business, professional interpreters and translators make the investment in the resources that assist them in their work.

Anyone can go to Google and translate a page, but often, it’s just jumbled words on a page that aren’t in the right order or have the correct grammatical flow. Languages are not a simple word for word translation.

A Professional Translator will protect your message

Just recently, one of the frontrunners in the presidential campaign had an unofficial advertisement appear in online venues for Spanish voters.

Instead of inspiring the Hispanic community, the ad was riddled with grammatical and translation errors. Although it was never officially associated with the candidate’s campaign, it still presented his position in a negative light.

A professional translator would have completely vetted the ad, to ensure that its message was true to the language and the culture.

Think just for a minute about the word “bandage.” It could be a noun or verb, depending on the context. There are many more words in the English dictionary that have different meanings and nuances. Get your message right the first time.

Make Your Speeches Shine in Any Culture

Presenting a polished and professional appearance is vital for any organization, whether you’re giving a political speech or making connections across cultures for business advancements.

Choose a professional translator to make sure your message isn’t contaminated or confusing to those you are trying to reach.

Get ready for the next holiday speech by having the right resources to tap into a new market that doesn’t speak English, but needs the services and products provided by your organization.


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