Top Benefits of Using Secure Portals for Translation Projects

April 5, 2017

As the language service industry continues to grow, translation agencies are expanding the use of technology to assist clients with their translation needs and help streamline the entire process of receiving and delivering translated material.

Translation agencies should educate their clients how new technology and systems can help their translation process by eliminating the old ways of submitting, processing, and receiving translated content that can now be easily managed through an automation system, also known as a Translation Management System.

The idea behind translation management technology is to integrate the separate people, content systems, and language assets involved in the translation process from your vendors and across your organization.

Essentially a virtual assistant to the Translation Project Manager, a Translation Management System integrates and connects all the tools and systems used in your translation process into one secure portal.

We recently began implementing this automation system, creating our very own secure portal using XTRF’s Translation Management Software. This allowed for both our company and clients to learn and experience the key features and benefits of using a dedicated secure portal. And today, we are taking you through our experience and sharing our thoughts below.

1. Simple, organized and easy-to-use interface

One of the biggest benefits was the simplicity and ease of use. Walking clients through the implementation process continued to prove the simplicity of this powerful software. While the client portal varies a bit from the vendor portal, each portal is successfully made compatible in respect to the user.

Additionally, we immediately noticed the comfort our clients felt with the ability to add and remove users under the same company, as well as easily modify each user’s permissions to view, edit, and request information. This allows clients to be in control of the users working on their project.

2. On-demand quote requests, project status, and reporting

Another huge benefit we found was the robust automated workflow system that shaved tremendous time on each translation project. From the start, we were intrigued by the software’s efficient quote request process which allows for requesting quotes in two ways – from the client or from the vendor.

Whoever begins the process, the user on the other end will automatically receive the submitted request. From there, the assigned user is directed into each section of uploading the project information and files into the system, allowing the software to resolve any communication or calculation issues that may arise.

This feature played out throughout the entire translation process – from requesting a quote to receiving project reports – providing both sets of users the ability to focus on each task and assignment as well as oversee the entire project scope.

3. Fast, secure, and reliable file transfers

As we continued using our own secure portal, another huge advantage was the ability to assign translation, editing, and quality assurance jobs to individual users.

We were thrilled to see how this management system automatically sends and notifies assigned users with the job or tasks to complete, including all the necessary files.

Using a cloud-based storage, all parties involved can easily and securely access files and project information.

Beyond the promising security features, both our company and our clients were impressed with the speed of this innovative software, enabling for requests, file transfers, and approvals to be submitted with the click of a button.

Final Takeaway:

As you can see, a translation management system with a dedicated secure portal is an extremely powerful tool that offers practical business solutions by minimizing the delivery time of your project, efficiently assigning specific vendors to each job, and streamlining the entire process in a fast and organized manner.

We have seen great success utilizing this technology and , providing this service as a beneficial and efficient project management tool for our clients and their translation needs.


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