The growing importance of a Certified Translator

November 19, 2015

Translation SourceNow that businesses must compete to be even more recognized, different languages and localization plays such an important role as globalization itself.

Gone are the days when the information between companies was passed only in English, without addressing the importance of growing languages such as Spanish.

Since the beginning of the year Mexico is opening its doors to new and different businesses, mainly in the Oil and Gas field.

They’ve increased significantly and will continue to grow with Pemex’s decision to open its market for private held companies, to start bidding on contracts for Oil and Gas drilling and exploring throughout the rest of this year and the next.

Perito Traductor or Certified Translator

Fast pacing globalization equals more languages to work with and more documents to be translated from. Therefore a Certified Translator o Perito Traductor becomes increasingly necessary in this field of business, as these companies will usually ask for Certified Translations intended for their documents and contracts.

This particular type of translation is certified or endorsed by an expert translator, or a Perito Traductor, attesting to the accuracy and authenticity of the document that is being presented to the client.

The benefits of this kind of document are quite a few but their strength relies on validity and process efficiency, because all files converted to the translator’s native language, considerably reduces administrative time which will give the reviewer some ease and time and allow faster processing.

These Peritos Traductores, or Certified Translators are usually required to translate important or confidential documents or sometimes even official papers. The most common form of delivery is printed since the document must be signed and stamped by an official certified translator.

A certified translator or Perito Traductor, is used primarily for official documents only, or those who will be presented to a National or International authority to form a legal bound or contract. They are reviewed by a professional Translator registered and endorsed in each country.

Finding the right Certified Translator

Each of these official documents must have an official stamp that is valid worldwide. Given its official nature, a reliable certified translator is more difficult to find. Luckily, here at Translation Source, we have Certified Translators for English and Peritos Traductores for Spanish. As well as any other language you might need.

Some of the documents we usually do are birth certificates, College Diplomas and marriage Certificates. But with Pemex opening bids for more companies to join each time, we’ve also been able to handle a great amount of Contracts, Legal Documents and Charters.

Unlike many other countries, Mexico doesn’t have a federal instance that supports or endorses certified translators in the country.

At Translation Source we work closely with official Translators that have gone through rigorous training and certifications to be able to bring the best quality to our clients.

If you’re not sure how to proceed with your translation or multilingual initiative, get in touch with our experts. Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation, or if you prefer you can call us at (800) 413-7838.

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