The challenges of doing business in China

March 10, 2016

chinaGlobalization has made it easier than ever before to source resources internationally to drive down the cost of doing business in the United States. Even small businesses can take advantage of manufacturing overseas in today’s economy. To help translate English to Chinese language and customs, a professional translator helps build a bridge. Here are a few of the challenges you might face.

China is one of the countries that many entrepreneurs look at when finding new opportunities, because of its growing economy. However, its business culture is much different than that of the United States.

Complying With All Regulations

According to, one of the biggest problems in working with businesses in China is the red tape. Administrative duties, such as making sure the business complies with regulations or opening a bank account, are not as simplified as they are in the United States.

It’s not just enough to translate English to Chinese, but to take the time to fill out the paperwork and get it turned in to the right agency at the right time.

Communications and Misunderstandings

Delicate business negotiations are often challenging enough when both people speak the language. Having to work through a third-party translator to translate English to Chinese compounds the difficulty, unless the individual has a strong knowledge of Chinese and western business culture.

Your business needs more than a simplified Chinese translation to avoid misunderstandings. Don’t let your business deal break down out of cultural differences which can bridged by someone who understands.

Translate English to chinese documents for the Chinese Government

As the economy in China has changed, the government prefers domestic industries, which gives local businesses an edge. It’s important to overcome this barrier when you’re trying to do business with Chinese companies.

You’ll need to be able to translate English to Chinese, but also to build the corporate structure within your business to ensure you meet all the regulations placed on businesses in China.

Building Relationships Is Different in China

In America, many people meet in a business meeting one day, shake hands, sign a contract, and go forward together in business the next day. In China, business relationships need to develop outside the office and boardroom to bring the deal together.

Here in the United States, people are used to making things happen quickly. In China, the culture is much different. The word they use to describe relationship is “guanxi.” Business relationships must be nurtured.

It’s not just with the business. Your organization may also need to cultivate guanxi with government agencies and trade organizations in order to be effective in the environment. This can take up to five times longer than in the U.S.

A professional translator skilled in the ability to translate English to Chinese in both word and deed keeps your business on the cutting edge of finding the resources that are needed to make deals happen.

Don’t waste your time in China with misunderstandings that could have been avoided if you have the resources that understood the culture. When you’re ready to take steps to grow, choose a professional translator to help you take the right path of doing business around the world.

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