An Expert Guide to Managing the Language Localization Challenges of a Global SAP Project

March 10, 2010

SAP provides limited localization and translation support for customized global SAP solutions; however, clients increasingly require a single global solution that will work as seamlessly in Kuala Lumpur as it does in Warsaw or Atlanta. This session presents a consultative approach, based on current best practices, to solving the gap between language and cultural requirements from an increasingly global SAP community and the current solutions and resources usually associated with SAP global implementation. The session discusses three strategic items that can set your implementation approach apart from the competition:

  1. crafting a multilingual strategy that fits within your overall implementation approach;
  2. developing a proven process to manage the localization component of your SAP project; and
  3. providing a framework to integrate linguistic aspects of your SAP approach.

The session also features an assessment of critical tactical aspects of the multilingual activity in SAP, particularly focusing on:

  1. working with translation assets;
  2. developing sound global, multilingual training content; and
  3. optimizing linguistic development using common SAP tools.

This session will provide attendees a competitive advantage by learning how to manage a global multilingual SAP implementation with confidence. Request this presentation

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