Global Sales and International Business Development Support

We operate in a globalized economy where 80% of the market speaks a language other than English.

Even in the United States, 20% of consumers speak a language other than English at home.

Global sales departments and international business development language support is critical to capture these markets and expand revenues.

Translation Source can support international business development and relationships formed across multiple languages, by communicating across linguistic and cultural boundaries clearly and efficiently.

You will consistently increase your market share and generate additional and recurring revenue.

  • Marketing organizations must develop key corporate communications that maintain consistent branding of products and services. Translation Source enables you to ensure consistency across linguistic and cultural boundaries; this means greater brand awareness and recognition and a better return on investment.
  • Global sales organizations partner with Translation Source to effectively generate and cultivate revenue-generating leads. We work through a variety of media, networking events, and conferences, and our clients have come to rely on our ability to consistently deliver superior quality and unfailing results.
  • International business development organizations count on Translation Source’s support with our industry-leading response time, proven processes, and quality. Translation Source understands that we must offer immediate and cost-effective support for your initiatives and have a thorough grasp of your business goals.
  • Translation Source will design a customized solution to support your specific needs and then develop client-specific assets, processes, and teams that allow you to respond efficiently and clearly to even the most demanding requests.

Our clients consistently expand their global presence and enjoy higher returns on investment versus competitors who fail to plan for multilingual business initiatives. Our client-specific assets allow your organization to make a difference for your business partners.

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