International Proposal Translation

Today’s international proposal and global RFP translation environment requires you to leverage translation assets across multiple geographic and linguistic borders in order to respond to client and partner needs in a quick, efficient, and clear manner.

Forester Research reported that individuals are more than 3 times more likely to buy when the sales message is communicated to them in their own language.

You can count on our proven processes to ensure timely delivery of any international proposal translation.

From international RFP translation to proposal translation and localization in any language, we consult with our customers’ business development groups in order to understand their specific business objectives, and we consistently deliver subject-matter expertise and cultural insights that result in a higher return on all multilingual proposal investments.

Our project managers are trained in Project Management Institute methodology so they can understand, anticipate, and proactively manage client needs.

Our fast-paced, evolving work environment emphasizes efficiency, production quality, and management of risks. Our project managers draw on our mature assets to ensure that your goals are met:

  • subject-matter experts in the target language who are integrated into client-specific translation teams—teams that are fluent in your international proposal processes, services, and products and that can respond to an RFP translation requirement with ease
  • tools that create efficiencies and consistency, resulting in increased responsiveness and faster turn-around time
  • proven processes that ensure superior product quality

Translation Source will also build proprietary assets for your international proposal translation initiative that increase in value over time:

  • Glossaries of terminology specific to your business and industry; this ensures consistency of client-specific terminology across RFPs and multiple languages
  • Computer assisted translation (CAT) tools that facilitate consistent terminology, product descriptions, and phrasing across multiple documents, platforms, and languages.

These proprietary assets are part of Translation Source’s value-added services and remain the property of our clients in perpetuity. Translation Source does not charge extra to develop, maintain, or utilize client-specific assets.

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