International Translation and Documentation Projects

Translation Source adheres to the Project Management Institute’s project lifecycle methodology, as documented in the Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge.

We partner with our clients on specific international translation and documentation projects and assess all needs for successful delivery, according to their requirements. Knowledge and implementation of the Project Management Institute protocol allows us to seamlessly integrate our international project translation processes with yours.

Project start-up

At the start of your project, Translation Source will engage with you to understand your project’s scope, international documentation and translation requirements, timelines, and all deliverables.


Once the project’s scope has been defined, we follow our proven methodology to develop client-specific, industry-leading international translation project processes that will maximize your return on investment.


Translation Source adheres to all guidelines and processes during the execution phase, as these have been defined in dialog with you during the planning stages.

Control and Monitoring

Throughout the lifecycle of your international project, Translation Source continually measures actual throughput and compares it to key metrics; this ensures adherence to project translation and documentation milestones. Any variation between targets and actual performance is analyzed and classified as normal and abnormal, and is then subjected to more in-depth analysis and review. We will take whatever corrective measures are needed to ensure that deliverables are successfully completed on schedule and according to specifications.


At the end of every project, Translation Source will meet with you to review key lessons learned during the project’s translation and documentation phase and to ensure proper knowledge management. Translation Source will work with you to understand your specific needs across multiple deliverables, and we will develop industry-leading customized solutions to meet those needs.

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